July 20, 2016

Race Strongly Influences Mortgage Lending in St. Louis, Study Finds

Blighted home

As reported by the New York Times, a new study indicates mortgage lending has played a strong role in reinforcing segregation in St. Louis. While Federal data indicates black neighborhoods of St. Louis have been “almost devoid of mortgage lending” in recent years, conventional thought was that the major reason for the dearth of lending was that incomes…

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July 13, 2016

Hedge Funds and Banks Profit from Home Owner Losses

Foreclosed home

According to the Miami Herald, homes that were foreclosed upon in the wake of the 2007 financial bust gained back value at a significantly higher rate than other homes, according to the Zillow real estate service — but the former owners of those homes did not enjoy the profits during the recovery. Instead, because so…

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