Reuters reports that Wells Fargo is on the verge of receiving a significant negative evaluation on an important national rating for community lending, according to U.S. bank regulators. The new rating “could limit near-term expansion of the bank,” according to the news organization.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency will make its report in early January, and under the provisions of the Community Reinvestment Act guiding the office in its efforts to promote lending to poorer neighborhoods, is said to be intending to mark the bank with a “needs to improve” rating under the CRA.

As Reuters notes, banking giant Wells Fargo has been struggling “since September to overcome its admission that employees wrongly created as many as 2 million accounts without customer authorization.” This in addition to the plethora of lawsuits against the bank for its alleged discriminatory and predatory activities targeted against minority homeowners and communities that have led to the widespread erosion of communities across the U.S.

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